Paintings on Cloth


Ventriloquist, (2019) Acrylic on Cotton blanket, 118 x 108cm

Mindy wait it out web

Wait it out, (2020) Acrylic on cotton pillowcase, 60 x 80cm

open wide

open wide, acrylic on cotton handkerchief (2019)

Wall flower

wall flower, acrylic on cotton tea-towel (2019)


Heirlooms (2019) Acrylic on cotton/linen teatowel, 73 x 48cm

Mindy Lee foot in face

foot in face, acrylic on linen teatowel 2019

reassembled mother

reassembled mother,Acrylic, acrylic pen and thread on cotton (2018) 149 x 217cm

Lee, Mindy_Comfort blanket-Ghost mother_ acrylic, thread on cotton_270x81cm

Comfort blanket/Ghost mother, acrylic and thread on cotton, 270x81cm