2002-2004 M.A. Painting. The Royal College of Art. London

1996-1999 B.A.(hons) Fine Art Painting. Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Eduction. Cheltenham.

Current/ Upcoming Exhibitions

2023 Stories From Within (solo) Portsmouth Art Space

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Mindy Lee & J.A.L-B. Perimeter Space at Griffin Gallery, London

2015 Around the Square Blyth Gallery, London

2010 Spatter Platter Project Space, Jerwood Space, London
[Exhibited in tandem with the Jerwood Contemporary Painters exhibition]

2008 Slipping Out Blyth Gallery, London

2005 On my Own Blyth Gallery, London

2001 Recent paintings Sound 323, London

Group Exhibitions

2022 Breaking Bread, Broadway Gallery, Letchworth Garden City

2022 This Year’s Model, part II, Studio 1.1 Gallery, London

2022  Dissolution, Five Years Gallery, London

2022 A Woman’s Place Is Everywhere, Cello Factory, London

2021 UCA Stretched, Linear Gallery, UCA, Farnham.

2021, Vexations, Blyth Centre, Imperial College, London

2021 Painting Open, No Format Gallery, London

2021 Printworks Open, Three Works Gallery, Scarborough

2020 Washing Line, Thames-Side Studios Gallery, London

2020 Picture Palace, Transition Gallery, London

2019 Ghost Changing Room, Wimbledon Space, London

2019 The Flesh of Thought, Blyth Gallery, London

2019 Sleepy Heads, Blyth Gallery, London

2019 Art Letter Home:Suzhou Art Museum, China

2019 Art Letter Home:Shenyang Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, China

2019 Art Letter Home: Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Museum,Chongqing, China

2018 Bodies Undone, Blyth Gallery, London

2018 Rumpy Bees and Pumpy Blooms, Klosterpresse e. V.  Paradiesgasse  Frankfurt.

2018 Making Painting, Freie Internationale Akademie, Amorbach,  Frankfurt

2018  Art Letter Home: China Academy of Arts, Hangzhou, China

2017 PIY Paint Lounge at Sluice Biennial, London

2017 Housework/Artwork, Number 13 as a part of Art Licks, London

2017 Something Borrowed, Arthouse1, London

2017 Antennae, Lubomirov/ Angus- Hughes, London

2016 In Infancy Blyth Gallery, London

2016 SIXTY Lubomirov/ Angus- Hughes, London

2016 Once in a Blue Moon Galeria Pod Atlantami, Walbrzych, Poland

2015 Things we didn’t have before Pump House Gallery, London

2015 Once in a Blue Moon Galeria OFF Piotrwska, Łódź, Poland

2015 Sex Shop Curated by Sarah Gillham, Jack Stokoe and Darren Nairn, Transition Gallery, London

2014 On Innards Blyth Gallery, London.

2014 Sex Shop Folkestone Fringe as a part of 2014 Folkestone Triennial, Kent

2014 Bodies that Matter 2 Art Lacuna, London

2013 Prop Up Johnson’s Place, London

2012 All the Dead Dears WW Gallery, London

2012 The Perfect Nude Charlie Smith Gallery, London. Curated by Phil Allen and Dan Coombs

2012 The Perfect Nude Exeter Pheonix Gallery, Exeter. Curated by Phil Allen and Dan Coombs

2012 Equinox Transition Gallery, London

2012 The Perfect Nude Wimbledon Space, London. Curated by Phil Allen and Dan Coombs

2011 Exeter Contemporary Open Exeter Phoenix Gallery, Exeter. Curated by Hannah Firth, Charlie Tweed and Matt Burrows

2011 Connection Point London Bermondsey Project Space, London. Curated by Edward Lucie Smith and Max Presnell

2011 Afternoon Tea WW Gallery at the 54th Venice Bienalle, Venice, Italy

2011 Condensation Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London

2010 Auction East Five Hundred Dollars Gallery, London

2010 ART BLITZ Transition Gallery, London

2010 Icons St. Joseph’s Hospice Auction, patron Victoria Miro, St Botolph’s Church, London

2010 Double Trouble Blyth Gallery, London

2010 Little and Often 242 Space, London

2009 Creekside Open 2009 APT Gallery, London. Curated by Mark Wallinger

2009 Breaking New Five Hundred Dollars Gallery, [Jerwood project space] Vyner Street, London

2009 The Pleasure’s All MineTransition Gallery, London

2008 00 Nature Contemporary Art Projects, London

2008 Life is only half the storySt. Joseph’s Hospice Auction, patron Victoria Miro, London

2007 Gyre and Gimble Blyth Gallery, Imperial College, London

2006 Salon Connexions Contemporary Art Projects, London

2006 Between eyes and fingertips Blyth Gallery, London

2004 Christmas 39 The 39 Gallery, London

2004 The Show: Part 1 The Royal College of Art, London

2003 Great Things Anna Leonowans Gallery, Halifax, Canada

2003 ‘Art for the People’

2002 Full of Gap Dalston, London

2002 Child line Heathcoat’s, Manchester

2001 Take Part Blackpool and Northwest Tour

2001 Time Clock Tower Centre, Croyden

2000 From the Studio Floor Axiom Arts Centre, Cheltenham

1999 Six Art Colleges Royal West of England Academy, Bristol


2015 Shortlisted for the WW Solo Award

2003 Amlin Art Award for promising student


2013    Display and panel discussion of artwork as a part of ‘On Innards’: Mindy Lee, Andrew Hladky, and Amanda Couch at the ‘Body Horror 2’ Conference, organised by The Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens, 1-3 November 2013. 


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